Thursday, 19 August 2010

International Rescue SOS Pakistan

Butterfly Pakistan Flag

Pakistan’s plight is terrible, food, shelter and medicine must be gotten to the people ASAP

The UN and industry should also fly out large portable water filters

And use portable dams

To pen off some areas of this water immediately.

Hover crafts;
And Air boats;

Must also be supplied to aid in effective rescues
(This is a short term plan so as not to add more pollution from diesel etc to the area there are other options);

The government of Pakistan along with the help of the UN and the World should now utilize the water that it is there, as it will take many years for it to dissipate.

Immediate and potential long term conservation Ideas for flooded lands;

Building (closed not open) fish breeding pens
Along with stilted platforms or the like for living quarters.

This could lead to some level of long term sustainability

Use the rivers energy to create/generate green power; it doesn’t have to be BIG;